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From the 2012 Conference
Only thing missing from #digitalcpa 2012 | sleep. Too many wonderful people who inspire, quiz, banter, elevate. Pleasure to meet you all!
07-Dec-12 18:18 | TrustedCFO
#DigitalCPA great conf, finally the profession is catching on! @eidebailly
07-Dec-12 18:58 | vpuchi
#DigitalCPA was a wonderful event... I already knew CPAs were passionate about helping clients succeed, but this took it to a new level!
07-Dec-12 22:43 | JenniferSyer
#digitalcpa - it's a wrap for me. Great show. Wonderful customer engagement and thought provoking sessions. Thank you @cpa2biz!
07-Dec-12 18:51 | rlacerte
Thanks @CPA2biz, @AICPA and @AICPA_JofA for the opportunity to participate in #DigitalCPA. It had such a change-oriented, hopeful feel!...
07-Dec-12 23:15 | JenLeeWilson
Thanks for great conference @CPA2Biz #DigitalCPA
07-Dec-12 18:35 | tomhood

Who Can Benefit by Attending the Conference...

Virtually everyone in your firm can benefit by attending this unique one-of-a-kind conference. The conference is organized into 3 distinct tracks to help you choose the sessions that best fit your individual needs or the needs of your specific department.

This is also a great opportunity to turn this event into a "firm retreat" by sending the relevant members of your firm who are instrumental in executing your firm's business plan and transforming your client accounting services practice into a high-margin service line.

Client Accounting Services
Practice Leaders

Gain tangible practice development tools and best practices to run a profitable client accounting services practice, from performing a client assessment, estimating/pricing client engagements, and writing an effective engagement letter. Interact with other practitioners, discuss key action items such as addressing change management, and learn from the success of other firms. You can also make this event a firm retreat by sending relevant partners, managers, and staff members to get the tools and skills they need to help transform your practice.

Client Accounting and Tax Partners, Staff, and other users of our cloud solutions

Enhance skills with hands-on training for the cloud applications you are currently using or being implemented at your firm, and the integration points of these different solutions to maximize their effectiveness. A deeper understanding of these applications along with valuable practice management and sales tools will help improve workflow processes, client collaboration and on-boarding of new clients, and continue to significantly move your practice forward. These applications include – Intacct,, XCM, Paychex and

Technology Champion at your firm

Learn best practices for successfully implementing cloud accounting solutions within your practice, how to address change management and get “buy-in” from all stakeholders and staff to ensure a successful implementation. Learn about the technology infrastructure needed to run a profitable client accounting services practice, including recommended hardware, software, and mobile devices. Understand the integration points of these different cloud solutions to maximize the effectiveness of the cloud technology processes.

Marketing Directors or New Business Development Directors

Gain an understanding on how to better leverage cloud technology solutions to generate new revenue streams from both existing and new clients through additional service offerings, bundled pricing, or new niche opportunities. Learn how other successful firms leverage cloud technology as a marketing and sales tool to generate new business, and how to identify potential clients that fit your client accounting services model.