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White Papers

To request one or more of the free white papers listed below, please fill out the short online form. You will then receive an email with links to download any of the white papers listed here. All white papers are in Adobe Acrobat PDF® format.

New! Beyond Commoditization: Exceptional Service Delivery as a Powerful Market Differentiator
Does your firm deal in commodities? Traditional core CPA services, which generally include accounting, financial statement preparation and attestation, and tax compliance, typically drive and define most firms' relationships with clients. Unfortunately, though, they have become commodities in the eyes of many clients. In this white paper, Jim Metzler will discuss the six integrated components that will break this paradigm, allowing firms to move beyond market commoditization of core services.

Buyer's Checklist for Workflow Automation: Does your firm need workflow automation?
As accounting firms move to a more efficient digital environment, workflow automation has emerged to manage work processes. A good workflow automation platform can help increase employee efficiency, productivity, and work flexibility; improves employee and client satisfaction; and ensures greater control and compliance. This paper will help you evaluate vendors, identify goals, and determine the resources and budget you'll need to oversee the effort.

Seven Habits of Highly Successful Firms
In recent years, the accounting profession has undergone tremendous change in the way practitioners run their businesses thanks to the accelerated pace of technology adoption. Is your firm among the first to adopt new technology? Do you regard technology strategy as a competitive advantage? A recent study conducted by Bay Street Group, LLC compares distinguishing attitudes and behaviors toward technology adoption between high and low performing firms. Download this white paper, to help you evaluate and improve your practice and achieve your goals.

Building Your Bullet-Proof Plan for Paperless Practices
This paper aims to help you better understand the merits of each approach to build a plan that's right for your business. Going paperless is not a one-size fits all endeavor. Organizations vary in culture, size, structure, processes, technology investments, and resources, among other things. Learn from the successes and the missteps from practitioners who have maximized their paperless investments to achieve immediate gains for your business, by building the right plan for your future, understanding essential technologies in a paperless environment, redefining your processes for a digital workflow, and creating a paperless culture.