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CPA Testimonials

Words of praise from your peers…

Want solid proof XCM can transform your firm's workflow? Then don't just take our word for it. Read what your peers and colleagues have to say:

Technology has a strategic role in our organization. We have a top down approach to new technology implementations to ensure buy-in at all levels within the firm, which is critical to the long term success of the initiative. As an outspoken proponent of workflow technology, I really put a great deal of time into assessing the available solutions before choosing XCM. In the relatively new market for workflow software, XCM is not only the most mature solution best equipped to meet our current needs, but its founders also share my vision of workflow as a firm-wide endeavor. I'm confident that future development will continue to strengthen the software as a unifying element of our digital environment." - James Bourke, CPA.CITP,

James Bourke, CPA.CITP
WithumSmith+Brown's Partner-in-Charge of Internal Technology

At Wiss, we are constantly striving to examine our workflow processes as a means of meeting client expectations for top level service. XCM is a superior system which provides our partners, staff and support personnel with a comprehensive platform to track workflow, while enhancing communication within the firm and to our clients.

Jeff Campo, CPA
Managing Partner, Wiss & Company, LLP

Due to recent growth, we're now spread over four offices in two cities. Such expansion would have presented a logistical challenge with our previous paper-driven work process, forcing us to waste precious tax season time moving paper files among our offices. Using XCM in a paperless environment has given us control over the entire process because at each stage we can see who has responsibility for work - no matter where that work resides.

Fredric M. Silverman, CPA, MBA, Principal
Janover Rubinroit, LLC

Our IT department is focused on implementing the best solutions for our specific needs in each technology area. So, it was important that we chose a workflow automation system that works well with our other systems, but that would operate independently to have broad application across the firm. For us, XCM is a firm-wide solution, not a departmental system.

Tammy Bues, CPA, Tax Manager
Schenck Business Solutions

To really maximize the value of our XCM investment, we knew we needed to assess and adapt our workflows for the digital environment, so we engaged XCM's consulting services prior to implementation. RAFFA employs more than 160 people and has a dedicated operations team with many talented business re-engineers. But, having someone outside the firm who's both knowledgeable about the various aspects of firm operations and the XCM software work with us was worth its weight in gold.

Charles Spring, Chief Technology Officer

I have found that the strategic by-products of outsourcing are far greater than the original objective of tax return preparation. Workflow and web-based applications have grown significantly over the past few years as evidenced with the development of XCM. The shortage of labor has finally forced firms to consider improved processes and standardization.

XCM is an open platform web application that works horizontally across the CPA firm, no matter what tax, practice management or document management software is used. It serves as a catalyst to assist firms to capitalize on the benefits of a paperless office by seamlessly moving work and information throughout the office.

Gary Boomer, CEO
Boomer Consulting

XCM's user friendly Web interface allows easy access to global, firm-wide data as well as specific information on each return or task. Instead of waiting days for a firm's administrative staff to manually compile, what generally are inaccurate and outdated status reports, XCM allows CPA firms to compile up-to-date, accurate information with the click of a button. Instant access to this information will help CPA firms manage their busy season instead of it managing them!

Steve Erickson
Steve Erickson, LLC

XCM has greatly improved the service we provide to our clients. We no longer feel the pain in our stomachs when a client calls during tax season. I have access to real time information, at my fingertips, to better service my clients. XCM has also eliminated the risk of a client slipping through the cracks and has given us a management tool that identifies bottlenecks before they become problems. The staff, after some initial trepidation, loves the program!!! The status of a return is a keystroke away… no need to frantically try to locate a client file!!! Keep up the good work!!

Robert Goodman, CPA
Robert Goodman, P.C.

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