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XCM Solutions

Save an average of 90 minutes per day, per user with XCM!

XCM helps you recover billable hours. By using XCM, a firm can save 90+ minutes of an employee's time each day. If the firm employs 20 people, working 100 days through the busy season, at a fee of $120/hr, it can recover as much as $360,000 in billable time annually.

Note: The chart's data is based on a 2013 client survey and depicts responses from over 700 XCM users representing about 200 Overall Efficiency: Respondents reported saving an average of 90 minutes per user, per day as a result of working more efficiently with XCM.

A truly effective and successful firm-wide workflow solution needs to make a real difference in your firm's day-to-day workload and make your staff more productive no matter what set of tasks they need to perform. One simple measure of productivity is how efficiently assigned tasks are successfully performed and how much time is saved per employee. The faster you and your staff can complete key tasks and functions, the more billable work each individual can take on in any given day. That is why XCM workflow management solutions can make such a big difference in your firm's workflow and bottom line.

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