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XCM Solutions

How XCM Benefits You:

XCM is an easy-to-use web-based tool that manages and automates workflow for every area of your firm, including A&A, Tax, Client Accounting Services, Human Resources and more.

Personal workload management
No more managing your workload through disorganized piles of files, handwritten lists, or emails. XCM’s My View screen serves as a dynamic, real-time to-do list that allows you to manage your workload from anywhere.


XCM is the only firm-wide workflow solution that enables your employees to be more efficient and productive, so your firm can be more profitable.

Process control and standardization
XCM digital routing sheets contain all information related to a specific task. Its flexible design enables you to mirror established practices. And powerful reporting tools help you monitor and streamline those practices for greater productivity gains.

Centralized knowledge management & storage
One central location houses all files and documents, eliminating needless search time, cumbersome file cabinets and overstuffed paper folders.

Enhanced client service
Powerful search capabilities allow you to easily pull up a complete view of all your clients’ work, or details of a specific client project. You can also instantly create a pro-forma email to a client that automatically populates the client email address and open questions.

Firm-wide resource management
Management can now see each staff member’s workload and easily reassign work or adjust schedules as needed.

Fast and easy to implement
XCM training usually takes less than a few hours and can be done on the web.

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