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XCM Solutions

How XCM works

…and why you won’t want to work without it!

arrow 1 Each employee has access to a custom home page that acts as a dynamic, real-time detailed to-do list showing the steps required to complete each task.
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XCM seamlessly moves your project tasks through your office, adding information and knowledge so your employees and clients are always working with the most up-to-date files and approvals.

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XCM gives partners and managers real-time control over all your clients’ work. Powerful search capabilities allow you to easily pull up a complete view of all your clients’ work or details of a specific client project, enabling you to respond immediately when a client calls.

No Software Conflicts — XCM works with all current programs

XCM can operate in tandem with your firm’s other software technology. Quite simply, you can keep using the software your firm is already using for specific tasks and functions. In addition, XCM provides greater security to your data as all updates and changes are made on files that reside on the firm’s own network. XCM can literally save 80-90 minutes of an employee’s time per day, making your firm’s workflow more efficient, and your employees more productive.