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Accounting Services

Harness the Power of the Cloud

A white paper based on research conducted by Dr. Geoffrey Moore – best-selling author, noted speaker and business strategist.

The purpose of this white paper is to help accounting firms take advantage of new opportunities in Accounting Services brought about by the advent of digital technologies.

In the past, barriers to productivity made Accounting Services a low-margin activity that was unattractive to pursue. In today's online digital era, we believe these barriers can be removed, and the practice can be reengineered into a high growth, high profitability line of business. This white paper makes the case for this point of view and outlines a series of actions firms can take to transform their practices.

In the white paper, you'll explore the 3 key trends that are changing client accounting services, which are:

  • Mega-Trend #1: Digitalization
  • Mega-Trend #2: Virtualization
  • Mega-Trend #3: Transformation

Never has there been a better time for accounting professionals to play a value-adding trusted advisor role. But first, we must free ourselves from low-margin write-up and bookkeeping-type services that in a prior era made up the backbone of the client accounting services workload. That challenge can and will be met by next-generation technology and next-generation client accounting services practice leadership.

Finally, to orchestrate this technological change, the path ahead is marked by 3 strategic decisions, which will be addressed in the white paper:

  • Determine the current and desired future state of your Client Accounting Services practice.
  • Identify technology investments appropriate to stages of transition underway.
  • Organize change management around specific business practice transformations and technology deployments.

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