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How cloud-based solutions will transform your client accounting services practice…

Cloud-based solutions will help improve productivity and profitability for both your firm and your clients.

In fact, integrating these advanced solutions into your practice can result in significant improvements in all areas of your business.

Benefits you can expect to see, include:

Technology Benefits Business Benefits Financial Benefits
  • Data is centrally located and accessed in real time
  • Software runs on the provider's secure servers
  • No need to install and maintain software on-site or purchase upgrades
  • Fully elastic and scalable, so the service can grow with your changing needs
  • Reduces IT costs: Cloud-based applications don't require expensive on-premise tech support, special hardware, or costly software purchases
  • Access and manage client data securely 24/7 from any web-enabled browser
  • Collaborate with clients in real time using the latest data
  • Creates a paperless office with documents, invoices and financial data digitally stored online
  • Reduces staffing problems because you can hire or outsource work to skilled accountants no matter where they live
  • No need to wait for your clients' data to arrive on CDs, memory drives, or as paper documents, it's all online
  • Your staff will enjoy increased efficiency through standardized workflows across multiple clients
  • Spend less time traveling to clients allowing you to bill more hours per quarter
  • Increases your firm's capacity to serve additional clients without increasing staff costs
  • Focus your time and resources on accounting, not technology, resulting in more billable time
  • Service is provided on a pay-as-you-go or subscription basis, resulting in lower start-up costs than by purchasing on-site software
  • Increase billable rates and client fees with more valuable services

The result:

You and your staff will have more time to perform higher-value and more profitable services for your clients. What's more, with cloud-based solutions, you don't need to purchase, install, maintain or upgrade any new software products in your office. Your service provider takes care of all those resource-heavy, time-consuming details for you.

Our partners' cloud-based on-demand applications have completed a SAS 70 Type II Audit, which requires that the design and operational effectiveness of the system of internal controls a program uses to provide its service have been reviewed and tested by an independent auditor. The auditor has issued a report asserting reasonable assurance that the program's internal controls over its service are designed correctly and operate properly.