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Hosted Exchange Solutions (Firm-Branded Email):

Enhance Your Professional Image with Our New Email Solutions

Whether you are a sole practitioner, work at a large firm, or in business and industry, a professional email solution from can serve you throughout your career.

Consumer email services, such as AOL Mail, Hotmail, and Yahoo! Mail don't offer the professional services and brand-building that CPAs need when communicating with their clients or growing their business. The following email solutions are specifically designed to meet the needs of today's forward-looking accounting professionals.

Select the email solution that best meets your needs. View the Comparison Chart Email Email Email Solutions
Individually-Branded Email

Available exclusively for CPAs who are AICPA Members…

Enhance your professional image and “digital brand” with a personalized email account in your own name: [email protected]. An email address that ends in the domain provides a distinct competitive advantage for holders by reinforcing your professional designation. Full Email Account
Recommended for CPAs who want a personalized email address with full email functionality. Forward-Only Service
Recommended for CPAs who want a personalized email address, but want emails automatically forwarded to another email address. Email

Hosted Exchange Solutions
Firm-Branded Email

Now your firm or business can enjoy the reliability and security of Microsoft Hosted Exchange email without the high IT costs of running and maintaining your own email servers.

Our secure Hosted Exchange email service provides the advanced features your firm, organization, or business needs to comply with government-mandated regulatory requirements for client-data security, privacy, and archival needs.

All Hosted Exchange Email Plans let you establish a firm-branded domain email address ([email protected]).

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Use the chart below to help you choose the right email service for your needs…

Product Features
Individually-Branded Email
Forward Only Full Account
Firm-Branded Email
Hosted Exchange Solutions
Ability to send and receive emails   1 1
Email automatically forwarded to a designated email address 1    
Access your email via Outlook®, Entourage®, and Web Access   1 1
Full support for MAPI, IMAP, POP, and OWA   1 1
Secure email encryption     (Add-on feature)
Shared calendars, scheduling, contact and task management   1 1
Mobile synchronization: iPhone®, Windows Phone®, Blackberry, Android, etc.   1 1
(Blackberry sync additional cost)
Premium anti-spam and anti-virus protection   1 1
SharePoint collaboration site     1
Email compliance & archiving     (Add-on feature)
Secure Instant Messenger     (Add-on feature)
Individually-Branded ([email protected]) 1 1  
Firm-Branded ([email protected])     1
30-day risk-free cancellation policy! 1 1 1
Storage space for email and attachments   25GB 1GB (OWA only), 5GB and 25GB storage plans
Google Drive (New)   5GB  
Google Talk (New)   1