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Whether you are a sole practitioner, work at a large firm, or in business and industry, a professional email account can serve you throughout your career. Email Email
Why a Digital Brand Image is Important for CPAs

In today's digital world, your image or brand goes far beyond your printed letterhead and stationery.

Therefore, how you brand yourself and your firm online (your digital brand) is critically important.  With social media channels, like Facebook and LinkedIn, having a professional email address is a must!  After all, anyone, including fly-by-night operators, can set up a free email account in seconds. But only CPAs who are AICPA members can enjoy the enhanced status and branding of a email address.


A Email Account - one of the unique privileges of AICPA membership…

As an AICPA member, who is a CPA, you qualify for a email account in your own name that provides a professional alternative to more consumer-oriented email services such as Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail or Hotmail. John Doe, for example, could obtain the following address:

An email address that ends in the domain provides a distinct competitive advantage for holders -- it reinforces your professional designation and makes it easy for clients to remember your address.

Your personal email address can serve as a secondary professional email address for AICPA members that are in need of an individual email account separate from their work or firm-based business account. And you can take your email account with you if you should ever leave your current firm or company.

Many sole practitioners who don't have a professional business email account for their practice often use free email services (Yahoo, AOL Mail, Hotmail, etc.) to communicate and conduct business with clients. With a personalized email address you can enjoy a more professional image and enhanced credibility, reminding your clients that they are dealing with a real CPA. Full Email Account Forward-Only Service

Recommended for CPAs who want a personalized email address with full email functionality and who want to enhance their professional image and build their digital brand when communicating with clients. Recommended for CPAs who want a personalized email address, but don't need full email functionality.
  • Only $95.95 per year. That's less than $8 a month!
  • Includes your email account with full Contacts and Calendar functionality plus - Google Drive with 5GB of FREE online storage space and Google Talk - Google's online chat and messaging service.
  • Ability to send and receive emails.
  • Only $29.95 per year. That's less than $2.50 a month!
  • All email to your new address is automatically forwarded to an email address of your choosing. (you cannot send email from your address)
  • Upgrade to a full account at anytime.
Built on the world class Google Business Solutions platform.

Sign up now for either of these low-cost email services. Be among the first to get your preferred email address. Note: Members with common names, such as John Smith, will get variations based on your first and last name, so register your preferred email address before others do!

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*Note: The Email Solutions is only available to CPAs who are AICPA members.