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Don’t Ignore the Ecosystem, or Why Moving to the Cloud Makes Sense

By Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami

If your CPA firm is happy with its on-premises software platform, why move to the cloud? Jim Boomer has a great answer in the latest edition of CPA Practice Advisor.

Boomer, as you may know, is CIO of Boomer Consulting and leads The Producer Circle, a peer networking program for cloud accounting that’s run in conjunction with CPA2Biz and the AICPA.  His argument is that the best cloud accounting services (he cites Intacct, among others) are part of a flourishing ecosystem that can trump any location-bound solution.

“Most of the cloud providers are using web 2.0 technologies to build their platforms which provides for better search, reporting and collaboration capabilities,” Boomer writes. “And better integration.”

The cloud isn’t just about the here-and-now—it’s about positioning your firm for better flexibility and adaptability in the future. In that sense, the sum of that cloud ecosystem is greater than its parts, Boomer says.  His recommendation:

“Next time you find yourself evaluating a cloud solution, ask yourself if the service is part of a larger ecosystem. You have to evaluate the whole group of solutions rather than analyzing a single solution in isolation. Don’t rule out an option simply because it’s missing a key feature. That feature might be covered by another third-party tool that is tightly integrated with the cloud offering in question. As cloud ecosystems continue to grow, so will our dependency on them in the software evaluation process”

We couldn’t agree more. Check out Jim’s full article here.

Michael Cerami is Vice President of Corporate Alliances for CPA2Biz.
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