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The Need for Client Collaboration

By Dixie McCurley, CPA

Dixie McCurley

Imagine being asked to lock your smartphone away in a drawer for an entire 24-hour period. No GPS, no access to Facebook, Twitter, your bank account, the latest on CNN or your Starbucks app which contains drink orders for all of your co-workers. Okay, was a bad idea. Don't panic, I am just trying to show how dependent we have become on technology. It's no longer an "option" to use digital technology. It has become our way of life. Yes, I said, "our". No one is immune from the overwhelming presence of technology, including our clients.

Our clients are being asked to make decisions quicker, with less room for error and on a smaller budget. Many cloud-based tools are available today. Tools that provide real-time data, help streamline bill paying, payroll, inventory and numerous other solutions. Pointing them in the right direction regarding a new software or app is not the hard part anymore. Options are endless and prices have dropped significantly. So why do our clients still need us?

It's simple really. Clients cannot possibly cope with all of this new, distracting information. The accounting profession has the opportunity to connect the dots on the business value of this digital transformation. We can help clients get out of this information overload and use our expertise to collaborate with them on how to grow their business. Whatever your expertise (Tax, Audit, Compliance, Systems, Technology), you won’t be sorry you devote a little more time to collaborating with your clients.

Join me at the Digital CPA Conference, November 20-22, 2013 in Washington, D.C. as I take us back in time to understand that what our clients needed 50 years ago is still what they need today. It’s session, “OK, I’m in the Cloud – Now How Do I Collaborate?

Dixie McCurley is a Partner at Trusted CFO Solutions
Posted by CPA2Biz on 10/21/2013  |  Permalink  |  Comments (2)


Michael, great point. That is one reason I'm looking forward to Simon Sinek's keynote at 2013 Digital CPA.

In an increasingly complex marketplace, professionals need to communicate more frequently with more relevance. And the overload of apps, technology, etc will never take the place of human interaction.

This is especially true in the business owner market.

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